Purity while dating

However, God reserved sexual intimacy for the marriage relationship, and it is approved and blessed by God only in this context.

And has given us this task of reconcilingpeople to him.” When we surrender our hearts to Jesus we share in his glory with a renewed knowledge of God, a transformed way of thinking and behaving that begins to reflect God’s purity, His holiness, His spiritual wholeness. God created sex; therefore, it is natural, but God gifted purity. The only reason we are called virgins is because we have not had sex, thus we have not progressed in the natural timeline of humanity.by *Hannah Packham Holding hands, kissing, sex, where do you draw your line? Although, I’ve only dated one guy, that’s about all it takes to learn some of the most important lessons about relationships: everything from communication to kissing.This is an important question that even I tried to avoid answering. How are you supposed to know where you draw your line? The boundaries of purity seemed simple to me before I started dating: don’t have sex until you’re married. Seems pretty easy; however, I found it is much more complicated than that. As a single girl in my thirties who was committed, by God's grace, to saving sex for marriage, I often felt very much like that caged lion.But it was in those desperate moments that I found God to be exactly who He claims to be.

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