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So that would either mean that she went from suddenly super relevant to irrelevant in a few chapters…

OR that Kishimoto-sensei left Hanabi’s fate open-ended for a reason.

In the center, Naruto and Hinata can be seen in traditional Japanese wedding attire while their friends surround them.

Comrades like Sakura Haruno, Sai, Shikamaru Nara, Kiba, and more can be seen looking sharp in their post-manga attire.

will be turned into an animated arc, and it will finally show the wedding between Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga.

The arc will begin on February 16th with episode 494.

Their relationship soon became even more antagonistic when Naruto discovered that he could potentially kill his comrades while under the fox's influence, which made him resolve to rely on his own power and find other ways to get stronger.

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To honor the occasion, J-World has debuted a poster for its event, and it shows the cast of the anime in their formal attire. You can play while me and mister Lovegood talk about business.""A-Alright…" Naruto nodded and approached the girl, who was still kneeling in front of the bush, immobile. "H-Hi…""Shhh." Naruto was a bit taken back from the sudden reply. For example, the girl didn't know that the Green Beetles got out of their bushes all the year but august, and that they were a particular kind of ingredient for medicines."Ohhh… ""Look at how that tongue is twisted…"Ever since meeting Luna, Naruto's life had taken a turn for the weird. "Please be gentle…""I'm always gentle, if you don't say otherwise.""… She caught it while her bodyguards surrounded the trainee and held a blade close to every single one of his vital spots."Uhhh…" He slowly moved his head to look around, being very careful to not hurt himself against the blades held to his throat. Let him go." As one man, the guards let go of the blonde haired trainee at the command of their captain. He was scared out of his mind that there was someone crazy enough to really aim there. And in observing, it was hovering above him on all fours while checking his body clad just in boxers and a t-shirt. An illustrated guide to how adults kissed."It's really different from how we do it… By the way…" She broke the embrace and took out another book. Not that it was much a speech to begin with, but no one dared to tell her that. His hand and feet hurt from all the violent landings and immediate bouncing away he had done. Soi Fong had believed that his martial arts wouldn't have been something they would need to work on, but she was wrong. Here are my reasons: 1) Hanabi is about to play a much bigger role in the anime – the final movie is about her getting kidnapped and a bunch of Konoha shinobi having to go on a rescue mission.She even has a super cute new character design to match her new significance. the movie is supposed to come between chapter 699 and the full-color epilogue, and we were given NOTHING about Hanabi in that epilogue.

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