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The rest of the reported million budget came from investors in the worlds of tech and entertainment.

“Everyone who participated in the first round really believed in the social justice and food-access aspects of Locol,” says Li.

For one thing, the chefs behind it are two of the country’s most celebrated: Roy Choi, who kicked off the food-truck boom with Kogi BBQ Taco in 2008, and Daniel Patterson, whose San Francisco dining temple Coi has two Michelin stars.He felt guilty about what happened, specially considering he judged the girl for abandoning the baby.He later tries to help the girl and she runs away from the Hospital. As writer Howie Kahn reported in his recent magazine feature about Loco’l, the chefs have signed 10-year leases in Watts and San Francisco’s Tenderloin, two of the roughest, most underserved neighborhoods you’ll find in any big city.Last night, during a Kahn-moderated The chefs are aiming for a late September opening in Watts, at a space being built next to the Jordan Downs housing projects.

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