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If you have a cell phone just create them and other Telemarketers as a New Contact and then give them a special ring tone like a Duck or Robot that the i Phone has.

I know for a fact that the greater among of the money collected by them is kept by the people doing the calling as a fee. The PBA will defend the Police if the get in trouble, as they did many years ago in West Palm Beach when they defended the policeman that beat to death Bob Jewett. Since I have received other unwanted calls beginning with 561-296-, I answered this one but was prepared.

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His team's perfect record during his senior year included the school's first 3A state championship, where Heritage Hills beat Zionsville in overtime, 27–24.

After reading responses from the rest of you, i've realized that it probably was just some s*** spam. i got the same message today March 22/2008 at about pm it said that the person got my number from a friend and that i will never guess who it is then they say their name is hope0707 and to go to to see if i know them. i signed up thinking it was really a friend of mine but when i did hope0707 was some girl who doesn't know me. Any one else do or have the same type of thing that could lead to finding out who this person is?

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The message said "2trueblue4you06 / Hey, I got your number from a friend of mine, but I bet you can't guess who I am!

My username's 2trueblue4you06, if you" The message stopped there, and immediately another text message from the same sender came saying "2trueblue4you06 / wanna come see if you recognize me online, at 2trueblue4you06.Well, hope to see you soon!

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