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James Baldwin was born the in Harlem, New York and was the eldest of nine children.

In 1956, Baldwin’s novel Giovanni’s Room, which told the story of a white man torn between his love for a man and a woman, brought him critical acclaim as a powerful American writer.

Baldwin’s greatest influence on the life of his times stemmed from his numerous essay collections: Notes of a Native Son (1955), Nobody Knows My Name (1960), and The Fire Next Time (1963).

My first partner was trans and, although we didn't work out, I have always had respect and love for the trans community.

I've also been a volunteer with Sparkle for 7 years.

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Are they a manifestation of larger societal issues, or simply a bit of harmless fun?While in France Baldwin became an avid writer and poet.With the encouragement and constant support of his best friend and lover Lucien Happersberger, he was able to publish a number of poems and novels.Aside from literature, Baldwin was against the Vietnam War and an outspoken advocate of Gay and Lesbian Rights.On the surface, these 'gender reveals' are the latest exciting activity for expectant parents, as well as cute videos to watch on social media.

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