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' I said, `Yeah, I had three blow jobs.' While growing up, I was combating a hundred issues in my head. At that time, I was also very large and was grappling with my weight issues. Post Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I had actually started working a little on my looks.

The thought of sex made me awkward; it almost rattled me. I had lost some weight and had groomed myself a bit.

Levels were up from just 13 percent in 1990 to 49 percent in 2014.

Last year Delevingne, 23, said she felt more comfortable with women.

You Tube star Shane Dawson came out as bisexual in an emotional video posted on his You Tube channel on Tuesday. I can't honestly say I'm straight," Dawson explains in the video.

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Later, I told him about it and he said, `You did it! For me to address it, talk about it, discuss it, was a big no-no.

There was a kid in class who told me, `You know what a blow job is? I've heard about it though.' He said, `You take off all your clothes and put your fan on high speed, and that's a blow job.' I said, `I can do that. ' And at 12, I remember, I removed my clothes and put my fan on full speed.

Her older sister had a boyfriend at the same age and while he spent time at our house, it was only for dinner and TV, not overnight.

I think group sleepovers including her girlfriend are OK, but not if she’s the only guest at our house or vice versa. I also don’t know what to tell her dad about this rule until she’s ready to talk to him.

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